Community life

MADERA has, since the beginning, brought together representatives from different European countries, who meet regularly at the Paris headquarters, within the different bodies of the association: the General Assembly (annual), the Board of Directors (3 to 4 meetings per year), and the Bureau (approximately 8 meetings).

A work of exchange and reflection

During the meetings of the General Assembly, of the Board of Directors and of the Board of the association, a thoughtful work of consideration and sharing of experiences made it possible to identify the main priorities for action to be carried out in the field:

  • Support local development, village organizations and carry communities towards autonomy.
  • Give priority to a participatory approach, in which the communities are stakeholders and intervene in the definition of the actions and in their implementation. The approach should also be an "integrated" approach, taking into account all the needs of the concerned population in the different areas of life (food, health, education, etc.).
  • Favor in-house promotion of Afghan personnel.
Elevage à Behsud
Formation fabrication de serre dans le Laghman

Awareness-raising actions in Europe

Exchanges of information and reflection, concerted advocacy strategies with the various actors working in Afghanistan are sought by developing links with European solidarity networks.

Several interventions and meetings are carried out with the initiative or participation of MADERA’s members, to sensitize different audiences to the situation in Afghanistan: in high schools, through conferences and at various public places.

The members plan or take part in the organization and the facilitation of occasional events of sensitization and support to the Afghan populations in the provinces and in Paris.

Field support missions

Regular field missions of members of the Board of Directors are held annually, on a voluntary basis, in the different regions where MADERA carries out its programs.