Strategic Directions

MADERA decided to adopt, for the period 2014 - 2017, the following strategic areas of development:

Axis 1

Improve and evolve its professional practices of development aid

Foster participatory development, in collaboration with all stakeholders
One of the main strengths of MADERA stems from long-standing relationships and trust established with its partners, and particularly with the communities with whom it works. Efforts are continuing to maintain and develop these collaborations.

Improve the management of information on intervention areas and projects
The development of quality projects requires having a good knowledge, regularly updated, of targeted intervention areas. This collection of information must be done in a participatory way, involving the communities concerned. It also requires continuous reflection on actions already in place, using a powerful monitoring and evaluation system.

Promote integrated development through quality projects
MADERA is committed to implementing integrated development actions, around a sector, an industry or a territory. These projects must take into account the cross-cutting dimensions of development (protection of environmental resources, gender dimension).

Maintain and develop MADERA’s technical expertise
MADERA recruits in priority project managers with technical skills. Their responsibilities include capacity building for Afghan teams, which also focuses on participatory approach and community development. MADERA mobilises specific resources to implement pilot research and development actions.

Chalas workers training

Axis 2

Strengthen its action capacity

Improve human resources management
Actions to improve human resources department's operating are continued, particularly in terms of resource mobilisation to: revise MADERA's salary policy, promote long-term training of teams and install and configure human resources management software.

Ease and regulate the internal communication of the organisation
United teams through regular exchange with each other and MADERA's Board of Directors are an essential component of the interventions' quality. These exchanges exist, but can be strengthened.

Amplify MADERA’s visibility with its partners and the public
MADERA is a well-known player in the development aid scene in Afghanistan. However, following discussions with its partners, MADERA seeks to make its actions more visible.

Continuously improve MADERA’s internal procedures, according to a quality system
MADERA has clear procedures in financial management, human resources management and logistics. However, these are completed and updated regularly.